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Shelley Pack Got Some Chops

The gang chats with actress Shelley Pack about her experiences as an actress and filmmaker and working with Kurt Angle on the new film Chasing Molly.  She also talks about Hollywood political affiliations and her roots as a comic.  In other news, the guys discuss Lavar Ball being banned from ESPN, Trump is charged with rape, a woman is arrested for turning in her husband's guns, and a chat about OJ Simpson.  Finally, Twitter comments are read and a challenge is made.  Join in!!

Pettiness, Hypocrites & Scumbags

Dutch and Hass attack both sides of the aisle discussing Chris Paul vs James Harden, Disney re-releasing Endgame to beat Avatar, a Pizza Delivery man busts a pedophile, Franklin Graham is a slime-ball, the leftist SJW's over react again, and Graham Allen gets hypocritical. Plus we read comments and announce our new network, Big Heads Media!! Plus NEW intro music from a listener and we talk Juneteenth. 

We’ve Literally Done This 100 Times!

Join the trio of putzes as we talk about how podcasting has affected us, and we play a bunch of clips from our partner shows celebrating the industry, this is a special show for podcasters and for podcast enthusiasts, we thank our fans, our patrons, and our networks. Also some thoughts on the NBA and NHL finals and a review of another cigar by Big Hass.  Thanks to everyone for supporting us for 100 episodes, we love you!! 

Preacher 6 Prays for Trump…

Independent filmmaker Kyle D Hester joins Dutch and Big Hass to talk about his films, The Chair and Preacher 6, and his experiences in Hollywood with stars such as Roddy Piper and Terry Crews. Plus Hass reviews a CAO Colombia cigar, the glowie guy from Twilight is named the new Batman, AOC and Ted Cruz form an unlikely alliance, Trump calls a princess "nasty" (then says he didn't) and Franklin Graham calls for a totally non-political but totally political Day of Prayer for POTUS.  Come down to the Underground for a thoughtful, informative and fun discussion!!

He Just Got Crotched

Songbird Wren returns to the Underground to talk abortion, some right wing attacks on Captain Marvel's Brie Larson, should Dem's aim for impeachment, gets asked about the best pick up lines, and much more.  Join a lively and hilarious conversation with everyone's favorite phone sex pro!  Plus TJ gets a pie in the face and gets claimed by The Jock, and Hass reviews a Macanudo Vintage Maduro 1997.  Don't you miss this one!!

Sometimes Duty is the Death of Love

VFU is joined by Delvin Cox, of the Delvin Cox Experience Podcast, and the discussion revolves around the politics of abortion, the need for people to converse and share differences on topics such as race relations, Trump's income in 2018 and of course a full spoiler recap and thoughts on Game of Thrones series finale.  Join in!!  Or the mad queen will burn you!! Plus Hass reviews a La Aurora Broadleaf cigar and thoughts on the Deontay Wilder fight.

If I Had to Chase a Pitch…

The gang discusses awkward comments, Fat Bottom Betty Cigars and an interesting week at Wrigley Field, as Addison Russell comes back and makes some sensitive remarks and is booed by the fans while almost simultaneously a fan is given a lifetime ban from the ballpark for allegedly flashing a white power symbol behind Doug Glanville, plus some insider insight as Hass actually knows the person who was given the ban.  Then we spoil the heck out of S8 E5 of Game of Thrones, where everyone dies and Khalissi was listening to some DMX and went mad queen.

The 2nd Time I Fell Thru the Ice…

Environmental Scientist and comic book fan Adam Morris joins the gang and talks Got S8 E4, a little Avengers Endgame, his adventures working in the arctic, and gives a Canadian perspective on American political issues including climate change and universal health care.  Join the madness!!

BONUS: An Explosion in My Mouth

Hass and Dutch have a bonus show which is more like the actual show than the actual show which was more like a bonus show.  We talk Joe Biden, the Mueller Report, the NFL Draft, the NBA playoffs and Hass gives his thoughts on Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones S8 E3 

Endgame of Thrones

Pretty simple, Dutch and TJ give you a full spoiler review and thoughts on Marvel's Avengers Endgame and S8 E3 The Long Night episode of Game of Thrones.  No politics today, enjoy the geekiness!! 

Everybody’s Gonna Die Next Week

The VFU trio talks about death in real life as well as the mass extinction coming up in Avengers EndGame and Game of Thrones episode 3.  We also discuss slavery reparations, Tiger woods gets an award and kids with broken phones and much more, join in and catch up!  Warning, SPOILERS on GoT S8E2!!

BONUS: He’ll Put a Prince in Your Belly

TJ and Dutch nerd out over Game of Thrones Season 8 and talk a bit of Star Wars, Endgame and some Lupe Fiasco, with a fan comment covered as well.  We break down GoT to the nitty-gritty.  Join in for FREE bonus content!!