Voice from the Underground: The Podcast

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BONUS: He’ll Put a Prince in Your Belly

TJ and Dutch nerd out over Game of Thrones Season 8 and talk a bit of Star Wars, Endgame and some Lupe Fiasco, with a fan comment covered as well.  We break down GoT to the nitty-gritty.  Join in for FREE bonus content!!

They on All the Webs

Cole Johnson from Cole Sportz joins the show to talk about everything from Game of Thrones to the Mueller Report to Magic quitting the Lakers and so much more.  We cover Nick Bosa's social media, a gay man running for President, threats against a congresswoman, the NFL Draft, divorce, and review a cigar.  Much hilarity ensues and a cameo from Flavor Flav!!  We're on all the webs!!

It’ll be on Skinemax Later

The gang touches on Game of Thrones fan theories, some instant reactions to Shazam!, a listener question on porn addiction, Trump joins the show to talk about skipping the corespondent's dinner, which black republican should be shot into space, a Smallville star pleads guilty to sex trafficking and a judge tells two twins that they must both pay child support.  Join in the discussion and get your mind twisted in knots.

You Can Call Me Daddy

TJ returns to talk about parenting dilemmas, being old and being bad at sports.  An interesting discussion as to what kids should call step parents.  Plus Joe Biden is accused of being creepy, Jussie Smollett is let of the hook and white people go nuts, and some looking forward to Game of Thrones and Endgame.

Live from the Basement

On the day of Bill Barr's letter summarizing the Mueller report, Dutch and Hass record live together from Hass' basement for the first time ever.  We discuss some politics, some sports, a Twitter poll on favorite movie scenes and more.... We probably bring up 10 people whom we cant think of their names.... it's terrible, you should see how bad it is.  Live audio equals some minor echo issues.

Imran is Back!

Imran from Jock and Nerd returns to discuss his Islamic faith and perspective on the New Zealand mosque terrorist attack, Jeanine Pirro remarks on hijab, Tucker Carlson, Odell Beckham Jr trade to Cleveland, James Gunn back to MCU, Boeing grounding flights and a spoiler heavy chat about Captain Marvel and the right wing attempts to destroy the ratings of the film on Rotten Tomatoes.  Join us for a fun convo!!

BONUS: Fantasy Baseball Draft Special

Join a fantasy experts Jasen Dutch and Gerald Glassford to get the latest updates on your draft strategy, scoring options, and in depth analysis.  We cover it all in 100 minutes, sleepers, busts, great values and predictions that will help you win your league in 2019!!  Get ready for draft day with some bonus VFU!! 

Much Adieu About Many, Many Things w/ Tabitha Isner

The gang talks about everything and nothing and a few things in between.  Alabama "Public Figure" and 2018 winner of the congressional Democratic Primary Tabitha Isner rejoins us for whatever weird reason to talk about political hypocrisy and double standards and being a centrist. For the second half, the guys talk about a number of pop culture items, too many to name.  You gotta listen and find out, we had a ball!!

As a Train Runs Thru it

VFU welcomes Toby Buckle from the Political Philosophy Podcast to the show to discuss record breaking performances at the NFL combine, debate whether comic book movies good cinema, and get into some SJW topics. Are Christians who believe homosexuality is immoral hateful?  Is the Left hypocritical on Gender?  How does race play into politics? Join us for a fun & thoughtful discussion.

A Really Bad Black History Month

Mr Q from 761st Gun Club returns to VFU to talk about Jussie Smollett, R Kelly, the 30th Anniversary of Sega Genesis, and the 2nd Amendment. TJ sees Alita Battle Angel, we debate White Castle vs Krystal, call out a Trump Twitter Troll, and Hass reviews another CAO cigar!!  Great and interesting conversation! 

BONUS: Talkin’ Smack w/ Dominique Clare

TJ and Dutch welcome Minnesota Vikings & Timberwolves beat writer Dominique Clare to the show for some bonus content! On the show we discuss; Are the Lakers Sandbagging? Why does the Dunk Contest Suck?  Will Kareem Hunt backfire on the Browns? Joe Flacco vs Lamar Jackson, Jussie Smollett situation leads to his scenes from Empire being cut amid a possible hoax, and should the Democrats allow a white man to be the 2020 nominee?

Underwater TJ

Another crazy fast news cycle as the gang covers the NBA slam dunk contest, Jussie Smollett could be in hot water, Steve Harvey battles Mo'Nique, We talk about the recent trend of Blackface, and another mass shooting in Aurora.  Oh, yeah, and an apparent National Emergency at the southern border. (SIGH) Oh, and TJ calls from Atlantis, apparently, with terrible audio.